G3™ Pump

G3 Graco

G3™ Pump with Auto-Fill Shutoff

Versatile line of G3 Pumps (Standard, Pro, and Max) offered with a factory-installed Auto-Fill Shutoff (AFSO). The AFSO feature automatically shuts off lubricant flow from a fill pump to the G3 reservoir once the G3 reservoir is full, eliminating the need to monitor the reservoir level during refilling. The G3 AFSO is based on the same design concept as the Auto-Fill Shutoff offered in conjunction with the robust Electric Dyna-Star product line. Eliminate the need to climb up on equipment to refill an empty reservoir by adding Remote Fill Manifold 77X542 to your system at ground level.

Clean, Trouble-free Refilling Without Using Electronics

Eliminates Over- or Under-Filling

  • Completely fill the reservoir every time while avoiding costly spills
  • Does not require power to operate
  • Complies with stringent mining regulations where a system must be powered down during fluid refilling
  • Compatible with fast-fill-equipped lubrication trucks

Reservoir Full Visual Indication

  • Valve Plate activates a poppet valve, which cuts off grease flow into the reservoir
  • Poppet indicator can incorporate a signal switch for ground level monitoring
G3™ Pump Details (PDF)

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